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What is a Balaboosta?
Balaboosta (n.)(bah-lah-b00-sta) A Yiddish term meaning the perfect housewife, homemaker, wonderful mother, cook, and gracious hostess. She does it all and does it well.
I make simple food with easy recipes and I like to try new things. My family and friends love my cooking and always ask me to share, with them, what I know about food, flavor, and technique.

I'm not a professional chef and I've had no formal culinary training. What I know and do in the kitchen comes from three women...Nana, Grandma Della, and Rose, my mom. Each one of them knew more about putting a meal on the table than any fancy chef in a white hat. They were the ultimate Balaboostas.

What I offer you is a lifetime of experience in the kitchen with my compliments and theirs. I hope they'd be proud. I will bring you my recipes as I make them with photos of the actual food I'm preparing. I'm no professional photographer either but I promise, my food will speak for itself in every picture.

The food on my table isn't stacked in a trendy tower.
Instead, my food is stacked with flavor and full of my passion for cooking. So please come in, make yourself comfortable, and enjoy.

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Disclaimer: While most of my recipes are "Jewish Style", I do sometimes cook with pork. This might have been a great disappointment to some but my grandmothers knew that I live in modern world. I light Shabbos candles religiously but I have to admit...I do not keep a Kosher home.

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Steamed Fresh Vegetables - Cauliflower, Broccoli etc...

We're all trying to eat healthier these days. One of the diet changes we should all be making is to replace some of the white, starchier carbs on our plates, with more dark green leafy vegetables. Steaming vegetables is certainly easy. Like many things in life and the kitchen, it's all a matter of timing. Every family has their preference for how crispy or soft they like their steamed veggies. My group likes them on the softer side. Soft or crispy, vegetables are good for you. Here are two super easy methods to pick from...


  • Vegetables 1 and a half cup per person raw Cauliflower, Broccoli or whichever veggie you're using, rinsed and trimmed.
  • Water

Here's how you do it...

2 easy methods...

1. Place vegetables in a steamer basket with water below or place veggies in the bottom of a saucepan with 1/2" of water. Cover and bring to a boil. You will know it's boiling because steam will come out from under the lid. DO NOT OPEN THE POT. Reduce to low heat and simmer to desired tenderness. For crispier veggies - 5 to 7 min. For softer veggies - 10-15 min.

Hint: If it's going to be a while before the rest of your meal is done. Turn off the heat a few minutes before you think it's done. Again, DO NOT OPEN THE POT, just let it sit there until you are ready to serve. The heat and steam in the pot will continue to cook the vegetable.


2. Place vegetable in microwavable bowl with a 1/4 cup of water.

Cover with plastic wrap and cook on full power for 10 minutes.

WARNING: The steam that will come out of the bowl if you open it immediately after cooking, can burn you. WEAR AN OVEN MITT or simply be careful. Carefully drain water and serve.

If left to sit after removing from microwave oven, a vacuum will form and the plastic will be sucked down. The veggies will stay hot this way until you peel back the plastic wrap.

Could it be more simple?

Bon Appetit!

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